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April 01, 2014
If our guests asked us what we would like as a wedding gift we intend to say money.  We’ve lived together 8 years and have pretty much everything  we would need from a traditional gift list.

Are you thinking of asking for money, how would you do it?

I’ve waded through the world of wedding, finding polite and fun ways of asking for money, yet it still feels so awkward & cold. So when on weekly Twitter chat #weddinghour we found this company Patchwork Present it was such a relief ; it’s a cash gift list for any occasion --- perfection!

Essentially, you create a patchwork and set the value, guests follow the link and purchase a patch. So say you want a sparkly new kitchen to enjoy as newly weds you may set up a patch for tea-towels. Your wedding guest "buys" the tea-towels and the money wings its way to your PayPal account. You build your pot of gold and then enjoy your sparkly new kitchen courtesy of family & friends. Great idea right!

Head over to their website to discover it for yourselves.

Of course I will be sharing my Patchwork here and it will be simple to add the link on our invitations – I best get started because those invites will be due out soon.

Remember though, this is a gift list for any occasion, so keep this company in mind for all those wish list gift lists.

Have a great week x

**UPDATE** Hey folks I made my Patchwork and write about it here! Guests contributed to our amazing Familymoon to Disneyland Paris.


  1. We are registering at "El Corte Inglés" (a department store), which, basically, gives us the money. (It is presented as a traditional wedding registry, but at the end, we choose if "Auntie Sam"'s money towards a lamp is going to be used to buy that lamp or to finance one of our holidays ;) As you said, it's a more polite way than just asking for money...

    1. Ooh that's good and essentially the same. I do like that I can upload my own photos though with Patchwork Present (so long as I own the copyright), thanks for stopping by. K x


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