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March 05, 2014

So I popped to a florist Monday; I have a consultation appointment next Tuesday. This comes from the girl who said flowers weren't important. But now that I have the dress & photographer booked, I have some extra room for a flower budget.

So I've been pinning, partly to see my ideas together (original images links via Pinterest) and partly to have something to show the florist next Tuesday.

 I like the pastel shades but don't really want to go down the vintage route. I'd like it to be subtle, soft and romantic. I like the idea of fruit being part of our centrepieces and I am in love with trees!

What do you think? What should a realistic, practical flower budget be?

If anyone knows where I can get hold of the tree type centrepieces please get in touch, search engines are failing me

Karis x
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