How to pick your wedding Photographer

March 22, 2014
Last week I had another supplier crossed off the list to book - The wedding photographer! (sigh of relief) Out of all the suppliers I have been researching and contacting, the wedding photographer is the one thing we pondered over the most, so I was so relieved when we finally went ahead and booked one!

I was so overwhelmed picking a photographer, there are literally thousands out there. And its an important factor of the wedding, after-all, they are the ones capturing the moments. So I really wanted to make sure I was picking the right photographer for us. And this task was almost made impossible due to the amount of wedding photographers out there, where do you start? I didn't want to contact too many photographers because it would of made my decision even harder! In the end, we ended up booking the photographer who's images were most memorable to us. Ed Godden photography has an amazing portfolio and an impressive background in photography. We came across Ed by chance at the National Wedding show last year and at the time wasn't really looking at photographers, but months had past, and many other photographers were being added to our not so short shortlist, but it was Ed Godden we ended up choosing.

So how did we make our decision? A number of things really but our main factors were:

  • Making sure the photographers style is the same as what you want. We wanted to steer from traditional posed photos and wanted more contemporary action shots with depth, and capturing those little moments. 
  • It was also very important to us that the photographer had enough experience directing large weddings and had the voice and personality so people would listen. 
  • And lastly, it was significant to us that the photographer was generally passionate about weddings. Ed Godden is creative and seems very passionate about photography. I am confident that we have picked the right photographer for us and I'm sure we will get some amazing photos of our big day!

Ed Godden PhotographyEd_Godden_wedding_photographer

Things to consider when booking a photographer:

  • During my research I noticed that many photographers charge the same amount, with 2 years experience or 20 years, So don't think the more you pay, the more experienced they are!
  • There are many different types of photographers so make sure you know what type of shots you want from your wedding.
  • Don't think you need to book a photographer from the region you are getting married in. Majority of photographers cover the whole of the UK without charging anymore for travel, so broaden your selection.
  • Try and meet your photographer before choosing, or at least find out what their personality is like. You need to make sure they have the right personality and can talk to your wedding party! Before we booked our photographer, we came across another fantastic photographer, who had an amazing portfolio with shots what we wanted, however the photographer seemed very quiet and a little timid. I need to make sure my photographer is going to be able to handle a large group and get them to do what the photographer wants!
Sharlene x

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