How we met | ♡ Valentines Week ♡

February 11, 2014
So as it’s Valentines week, I thought I’d share with you how we met…

Online Dating, 8 years ago.

I was 19 and worked just shy of  a 60 week within Retail Store Management. Finding a relationship wasn't easy and when those ‘let your hair down’ weekends came around, a alcohol fueled nightclub wasn't going to land me a long term deal. So with a little encouragement from hearing a close girl friend have a couple of successful dates via an online dating website, I signed up. Now, online dating was a little bit taboo back then, it’s certainly wasn't the ‘norm’ like it is now, especially in rural Norfolk.

Dave was the second person I met online and it felt entirely by chance. I had signed on quite late after returning very late from work. Seconds before I went to log off, a little chat box popped up and he said “Hello”.

At first I wasn't keen, he lived hundreds of miles away in London, he was a student and had a pixelated photo. He sent me a link to his MySpace address, I was greeted with an amazing voice singing a song I’d not heard before and his profile picture got a big thumbs up! He was studying for a music degree, he was a classically trained guitarist and had a stunning voice.

How we met
We arranged to meet at his gig, 2 weeks later in Cafe Rouge, Bromley. My first road trip on the M25. Would you believe I took my mum (well she actually persuaded me to go, I was a bit nervous of the drive and a train wouldn't get me home in time for work the next day). My mum and I ate our meal whilst Dave played his music all night. The Restaurant Manager was Dave’s closet friend (Best Man at our Wedding). After closing time when all the customers had left we sat with a Sharing Board of houmous, aromatic cured pork, olives, cheese, rustic breads and my mum sipped red wine. Even though we were joined by two others I knew that he was the person I was going to marry. I know that may sound like I’m just saying it but something about it felt more than right.

So, within 3 months I moved my life and work (with promotion) down to London and we've been inseparable since. At times, it has been a really tough ride but I do believe that we've found that Happy Ever After.

Karis x

And just so you can hear him for yourself...(how could I not fall instantly in love).

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