Wedding Invitation ¦ DIY Rustic style

January 15, 2014

Are you making your own invites? Are you designing them from scratch or are you choosing your designs from many of the fabulous wedding stationery companies out there?
Well do you remember my Save The Date?
A wooden rustic magnet.
I had to start thinking about my Wedding invitations. Now please note that my invites aren’t finished they are just a work in progress.
I realised when designing that in order for the wedding stationary to ‘fit’' together’ I’d have to use the same font. Trouble is I didn’t want it to be too over designed.
I’d gathered my Pinterest inspiration and I decided that the Cheque book style invite is the one for me. Everything is attached in one place. Here’s what I came up with (note: the tree would be in autumnal colours but I only had black ink)
A Rustic Cheque booklet Wedding invite
To be honest the original design was too small. Some people may require a magnifying glass. So I increased the invite to be the width of A4. I also altered the front so that it would cover all of the inserts. The next picture doesn’t show the finished product just the new front. The tree is bare for a reason. I think I may paint in the leaves creating a nice texture on each invite. Or I will do it for one, scan it and then print it. You may notice that I also changed the font of ‘Wedding Invitation’ I wanted it to be a bit cleaner to read.
So what do you think of the new ‘in progress’ cover?
I think I would bind it with this burlap ribbon I picked up in Wilko this Christmas. Only problem is that I won’t have enough.
Burlap binding on the rustic wedding invite

I have almost finished the inserts so look out for wedding invites part 2 soon.
Any question drop them below

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