It's official! - We sent the Save The Date's

January 18, 2014
I’m getting married this year! I can officially say that now, exciting times!
It’s also been an exciting week(s) for the marriage prep… we finally sent our  ‘Save the date Cards!’ We weren’t going to send any at first, but we have many friends and family members travelling from across the waters we wanted to give as much notice as possible. We didn’t go all out, but we designed some business cards and sent them out in little florist envelopes – I was really happy with the outcome.

I found some cheap business cards from Zazzle, click here for more details 
Cost – £32.43 
Quantity – 100
Quality – Ultra thick premium paper
I was really pleased with the outcome, the design process was easy and had a very broad selection of fonts and colours etc. I had no issues with the delivery and think they look really effective!

The envelopes I found on Ebay, you can find similar ones here
Cost – £4.05
Quantity – 100

We were lucky enough to borrow a label maker so didn’t have to hand write all the addresses! We only had standard size labels so I was worried they would look a little office/corporate! I managed to find an oval border that I could print on the labels, so I cut around the border to get rid of the squareness.

So where am I up to in the planning I here you say? Well….
Bridesmaids confirmed – check
Groomsmen confirmed - check
Church booked – check
Reception venue booked – check 
Save the dates posted – check
Wedding website made and Live - check (blog on this to follow)
So just everything else to do!! But I've made good progress in researching and found many suppliers I'm interested in, so It's just a case of getting quotes, comparing costs and sealing the deal.

Sharlene x

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