For my Maids | A Monsoon Bridesmaid Dress

November 20, 2013

So here they are, the dresses I chose for my Maids.

Now, my sisters live quite far away from me and to get them all together would be a logistical nightmare. So rightly or wrongly I took matters into my own hands.

I didn't set out out to purchase these dresses but when looking in Monsoon one Saturday afternoon, the other half and I saw these.

I called Sharlene.
Her first Chief Bridesmaid roll was to try on the dress and tell me what she thought.
I tried one on too. I wouldn't want my maids to feel awful and be uncomfortable.
I felt great in it. Sharlene liked them too.

The dress was in the sale. £72 reduced from £139. My bargain hunting cogs were working overtime. I left the shop and discussed it further with my maids.

Two weeks later, I returned. The dresses were still there, the sale was still on. I made my purchase.
The dresses had been reduced again...£45 each.

   I bought 4     

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