Wire Words: DIY wedding hangers

October 03, 2013
Hey guys,

a really quick post.

By now if you're a regular reader of the blog you may have noticed how I like to try things out for myself and how I'm quickly becoming a D.I.Y Bride - I'm sure Sharlene will be also, once her date is confirmed and she can start planning.

Well this post is no exception. After a brief morning spell on Pinterest I'd noticed personalised hangers. I had an attempt at making them myself - below is my 2nd attempt of emily and 1st attempt of olivia

On Etsy these sell for around £20 including p&p > these cost me a bit of time and £0.88 each (for a bulk of 3, no paint included).

So I plan to make 6 more for the bridal party and I will save approximately


"So what do you think? They make a nice gift to my bridesmaids and certainly are fit for photography purposes - leave me your thoughts below"

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