Buying a wedding dress online? A recipe for Disaster?

October 25, 2013

You may have noticed my tweet a couple of weeks back

Well here is the picture of what I ordered

Image source from Ebay Seller 2011wecan

and here is the price I paid including postage overseas to the UK:    £43.99

I must admit, I was nervous.

Ordering a dress, which I've never tried on, in a material that I haven't been able to touch.

They were selling stock dresses so all I had to do was pick my size.
I used their online measuring system and really made sure the smallest part of me was smaller than their quoted size. So my waist measured less than their UK size 10 but larger than the UK8 - this was a risk too.

But better to be too big than small and besides it's £44, if it's horrible I can use the material for something candle wraps or napkin ties.

My dress arrived Tuesday. When I opened it up, I was shocked. The lace was super soft, the dress looked perfect, crease free and on the surface well made.

I tried it on and the yesterday and friend laced me in. The dress fits perfectly (providing I don't lose weight). There isn't an underskirt (but I knew that anyway). I cannot believe how fortunate I am to have found this and sometimes taking a leap of faith pays off.

Here is a picture poorly taken by me but you get the idea (and I'm not laced in).

 It arrived in the smallest packaging, I thought for a moment perhaps I accidently ordered the underskirt.

If I can't find a wedding dress within budget then I would walk the aisle with this dress. I feel so comfortable in and I love it.

"Ordering a dress online, not custom made was a risk that paid off. Evening swing dress for our first dance...done!"

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