DIY Save The Date

September 04, 2013
Did you see my previous post on my Save The Date Inspiration? Well this led me to making these.

I turned to YouTube to learn how to transfer an image to wood.
It was pretty simple really. But incase you were wondering. Below is a little "How To" in pictures.

The most important question, "How much did all this cost?"

Well the price you see on the products is enough material for 50+ units. But to save you doing the math, I've given you the grand total per unit (excluding postage only) after the next image....

+ Printing £4.84 
(*remember Laserjet*)

Now I've only used 
1/2 of the Gel Medium tub 
1/4 of the Mod Podge
1 x twine ball

So bearing this all in mind the total cost per unit (for 50 units) include packaging to post is 

= 75p    
(€0.90 / $1.19)

Not bad considering the price some companies charge for a similar item. This allowed us the chance to create exactly what we wanted. And it was fun to do it together.

Our guests love them. The most popular comment is "Nice Touch"

"So what did you do for your Save The Dates? 
Gonna give this a try, it is really easy and cheap! Leave your comments below, you know I love to read them and please pin & share this post. Have a good day people."

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