Finding the perfect wedding venue in Norfolk

September 02, 2013

There are so many important factors you have to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Can it cater for what you want? Can it hold all your guests? Does it fall within budget? Is there accommodation? I mean, the list is endless.

Since I’ve been on the search for my wedding venue, it’s become apparent that it’s extremely rare and unlikely you will find ‘THE’ venue that ticks every single box (We are talking the fairy tale dream venue. And if it does exist and you are lucky enough to find it – there’s always a massive drawback; like it’s 10 times over budget, or a million miles away from your church) What I’ve realised is that you have to prioritise what is the most important to you when coming to deciding. I believe every brides priorities will be different, but my main priorities are:

Accommodation – We will have family travelling far so need to make sure all family and friends can be accommodated within close proximity of the venue (Or at the venue)

Food & Drink– This is important, my fella is Greek so we need to make sure the food is good quality, and plenty of!

Space – The venue can’t be too small so everyone is crowded, but it can’t be too big because it will look empty

Theme – I want a venue with character. I believe if you have the right venue that compliments your theme, then all the finishing touches are just an added bonus

It’s hard because you want to make sure you get it right! I’m pretty sure the first venue I viewed is the venue I will end up booking. I needed to view others to get a bench mark and by prioritising what’s most important, I feel quite confident that the Red Barn in Norfolk is coming up trumps.

Here is the low down on venues viewed:

The Red Barn in Norfolk does exactly what it says on the tin. Its red and its a barn! This venue has to be my favourite venue out of all. It has so much character and it's exactly how I imagine a country barn wedding. It has accommodation near by, within budget, a great space and will suit my theme perfectly! for more info on this venue click here

 Narborough Hall gardens has such idyllic surroundings. The gardens are absolutely breathtaking so you know you will get some gorgeous photos on the day. To top that they have a lake framing the gardens, it really is picturesque. The manor house also has accommodation which is another box ticked. However I think the gardens are a little wasted for a winter wedding, it's more suited for an outdoor summer wedding to make full use of all its assets. For more information click here 

Titchwell Manor is a great little venue situated on the A149  north of Norfolk. It's open glass frame makes this venue very light an airy. It's very quaint  and has great accommodation. It was a little on the small side for my Greek bonanza but still worth a view, for more info click here 

 Hoste Arms is situated in the beautiful little village of Burnham Market, North Norfolk. Weddings aside, this place is definitely worth a visit, I believe it has some of the best beaches in Norfolk. The Hoste Arms have recently had a new function room extension on the back and creates and great party atmosphere. Its done to a very high standard and the rooms a gorgeous! This photo doesn't do it justice and definitely worth viewing. We thought it was slightly on the small side for us and I wanted something slightly more rustic for that country feel. You can find more details here

Sussex Barn is situated just off the main coast line near Burnham Market......on a the middle of nowhere....Literally! Unfortunately I can't judge on the inside as I didn't book a viewing but from the surroundings and location, it had great character. I thought it was a bit too far out the way for me, but check it out here

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