Save The Date : Design

August 29, 2013
Now the Church and Venue have been booked.
Time to let friends and family know.

Where do you start with this one? Pinterest.

I cannot express how important Pinterest is for planning and getting inspiration. It certainly is a key to unlocking the imagination.

If you're at this stage you probably know what theme and colours you plan to have.

It's all in the little details. Think of this as your first impression. You aren't going to get a second chance. Take your time, plan, design and redesign.

Here's my first design. I planned to pop this image on a fridge magnet using the online company VistaPrint. I was close to ordering.

I'm glad I didn't go through with it. We discussed the idea and decided we could do something a little different. We loved the wooden tags we'd seen on Pinterest. I found a tag I would order and I designed this to be transferred onto it.

I used free fonts from Our venue has an Oak leaf in it's logo. We thought this would be a small detail to carry throughout the day and  it easily signifies our colours and theme.

We reversed the image, fitted 10 on one page of A4 and set off to the printers. It cost around £4 and we chose low grade paper because it would be easier to remove when wet.

Here's the final product.

Look out for the next post Save The Date: DIY when I explain to you the steps we took to make it.

(Note: You'll be able to use this method to transfer any image onto wood. I think we will transfer one of our wedding photos)

"What did you do for your save the dates? Are you buying or making yours?
Post a comment down below and share your ideas or memories." 


  1. I really like how it turned out :) I also like to make my own invitation for occasions :) Congrats on getting married :)

    New follower via bloglovin from the blog hop, when you have time and if you want maybe check out my blog and follow back if you like
    Also international jewelry giveaway

    1. Hi Anca,

      Thanks for stopping by. Of course I'll pop over to your blog. I love doing things myself it especially nice when people appreciate it. I posted them 3 days ago and it's great to see friends and family excited about them on Facebook :)

  2. Hey there! Just stopping by to say thanks for the follow on bloglovin'! I'm happy to be following you back :o) Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. Hi. I had a great weekend thanks. Thanks for popping by and of course you are most welcome. See you over on the blog soon



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